Lucrative Adidas deal has Arsenal fans yearning for retro kit.

Back in the 80’s/90’s Arsenal arguably had some of the most garish football kits in existence.  Looking back at them now, through nostalgic eyes,  it’s something of a curious comfort but we may soon see the return of one particular favourite in the hearts of the fans, now that Adidas are providing the strips.

A deal of somewhere between £50 and £65 million per year has been struck & Adidas are said to have lots of new ideas on the next design but word is that they may also go retro because of the increasing clamour of the Emirates faithful,

I’ll be honest with you, the yellow ‘testcard’ or the ‘bruised banana’were never a favourite of mine, but many still think it was one of the best away kits Arsenal ever had.

Indeed, a number die hard fans, who happen to be friends of mine, still wear the shirt at away matches.

Looking back at footage of the period, the football wasn’t the only thing that lacked a degree of finesse. Tight shorts, almost budgie smugglers, were the order of the day in the early 80’s . Along with enormous wagging mullets, permed hair, moustaches and beards. The 80’s certainly played havoc with fashion in all respects, especially in football circles.  

It’s a wonder that players weren’t susceptible to frequent ruptures but perhaps the jazzy yellow Arsenal shirt is the less offensive compared to some of the other high profile clubs jerseys. 

Liverpool most likely have that dubious honour with two examples that were straight out of the imagination of two drunks armed with a set of crayons and a piece of A4 paper. 

1995 saw one of the most dreadful kits known to man. A kaleidoscope of yellow, black, white and orange, the culmination of a designers migraine and this was followed up by a dull patchwork quilt look of 2013.

The great Manchester United had similar lapses of taste with their sky blue jersey emblazoned with the club crest. At least it wasn’t the grey shirt that Ferguson changed at half time as United endured a stinker. Fergie claimed his players were unable to see each other. 

Typical Ferguson, able to buck convention and break the rules at the same time.

More recently, who could forget Everton’s flamingo pink contribution from 2013, a shameful example of commercial extortion with no regard for the wearer but the best of the worst accolade surely goes to Hull City for the tribal Tiger effort and the top slot is reserved for the American outfit, Colorado Caribous,  who thought it was somehow appropriate to wear tassels. 

Hull City’s wonderful Bet Lynch kit.

Colorado Caribous produced a truly awful kit that has yet to be bettered.

Adidas be warned ! As much as Arsenal fans love to dabble with colour and design, there are limits. 


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