Arsenal have already agreed Suarez permanent deal.

It’s fair to assume that the loan deal for Denis Suarez is not just for half a dozen games at a cost of £2 million.

If that is the case, Arsenal’s coach or hierarchy are due to be certified.

The premier league games are dribbling away and so far, the Spaniard has failed to feature for an entire 90 minutes.

If he actually returned to Barcelona at the end of the season having played six games for the gunners, it would be the worst transfer deal in the clubs history apart from Kim Källström back in 2014.

Källström was signed with a back injury and only played 3 games before his departure, making a total nonsense of the transfer market.

Emery doesn’t strike me as a fool and the Suarez saga was a protracted deal which was struck at the expense of any other transfer activity.

So, with the player not playing, it’s safe to assume that the bigger picture is already in place and the money is a formality and will be exchanged at the end of the season. 

It’s starting to irritate me that Suarez doesn’t play and I’m basically looking for positives, hence my assumption that he is a long term addition to the squad.

If as suggested by many, he is in need of fitness, what on Earth has he been doing at Barcelona ? Do they only train if they are told they are playing ? 

What utter bullshit is being spun for the supporters by the Emirates and the media ? 

If anything, Suarez should have already played two full games in an Arsenal side in need of attacking options and supply for its strikers.

The fact that Arsenal are holding him back suggests the deal just requires cash or that the Catalan club have restricted the amount of full games he can appear in, up to the day of his full transfer. Take your pick.

Whichever it is, it seems slightly ludicrous. It would be more understandable if Arsenal were comfortably placed in the premiership or were on the verge of Europa league success but they aren’t in either.

Will he play against United ? Well Emery tends to bring surprises with his selections and I’m working on reverse psychology here because he may actually go with the players introduction against the opposition we least expect in a vital fixture.

The fact that this situation is become a something of a guessing game isn’t exactly reassuring and from a club that revealed it has no finances but is happy to squander £2m on a player, that potentially could leave at the end of the season.

I’m not buying into that.

This is part of Arsenal’s current PR disaster, they don’t engage with fans at any level and it’s left to the coach to inform or misinform the supporters.

I’m not suggesting Emery misinforms on purpose but he is sometimes economical with the truth and allows for speculation or interpretation. 

We have more of this type of conduct to come in the summer. If we have transfer funds available, it will all be cloaked in the usual mystery and I suspect the majority of Arsenal’s funds will be from sales of outgoing players.

It’s hoped that at a figure of £30m plus could be gleaned from any outgoings to go with the conservative estimate of £40m which will be available according to media reports. 

£40m is a figure plucked out of thin air, mainly by John Cross who delights in causing anxiety and conflict between gunners fans. 

With Monchi’s arrival expected at the end of the season, perhaps the way that Arsenal deal with transfers and contracts may become more transparent and of less concern. 

In the meantime, we’ll all be wondering what the big plan is for Denis Suarez and if he was worth the wait.


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