Arsenal’s bid for Navas must be the most expensive joke in the clubs history.







It’s all so Arsenal. In the middle of a defensive crisis that appears to be getting worse, instead of better and lacking an alternative creative force in midfield, it’s crystal clear what’s needed… a goalkeeper of course.

Not just any goalkeeper but a 32 year old goalkeeper, that can’t even get first team football.



Real Madrid are looking to offload Keylor Navas for £14 million and one wonders if someone at the Emirates was struck on the head by Emery’s flying water bottle.

Most fans are looking at this with complete astonishment because surely the priorities are in other departments.




It’s said that there is competition from Roma and one can only hope that they offer £14 million and a £1 to outbid the gunners.

As we all know, Arsenal hate spending and that extra pound, may be enough to dissuade them from a duff deal.



The sum involved would certainly be appropriate to secure someone of promise, for £8 more, Arsenal secured the services of Torreira and at least he is only 22 years of age.

Let’s hope this rumour is the fantasy of an overzealous media with gaps in their sports pages.








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