Arsenal’s excuses are exhausting.



If, as many of us suspect, Arsenal’s January spending appears frugal at best, it will raise serious questions regarding the clubs ambition.

It’s clear, even to those who aren’t coaches or at the top of the Arsenal hierarchy, that the team requires additional personnel, particularly in defence.



So, we’ll speculate for a moment that Arsenal spend less than the available £40 million and the season is one where Arsenal are in the mix for a forth place finish but no more.

With the Kroenke takeover complete and having paid only £35 million from his own personal fortune, it would appear that the fears of the AST have been realised and that Kroenke is using the club to pay off the rest of the £565 million bank loan.




Yet in the pipeline is a massive cash injection from Adidas who are reported to be pumping in £60 million per season.

I keep hearing about business models at the Emirates but if the team is not playing to it’s potential and the ‘business’ is weighed heavy with debt (again) wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to rebuilt the team first and complete the take over after.

It’s a bit like having a Rolls Royce without an engine or seats. Perhaps it’s a simplistic view but in Kroenke’s own terminology, the brand is only desirable if it is functioning.


I suspect that Usmanov engineered a panic purchase with threats to sell to another party, hence this unholy mess.

Who could blame him !




With the sponsorship deal in place, I’d be inclined to support the new manager and provide cash to secure a Champions league slot. 

Arsenal have assets in the form of players that are unlikely to feature in the first team because they simply aren’t good enough, yet they continue to draw wages from the club. So SELL THEM !!



if Arsenal is such a sound ‘business model’ why have they allowed contracts to run down such as Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey.

Ramsey looks like he could leave for nothing when we could have clawed back between £20 or £30 million.

They got out of jail with the Sanchez/Mkhitaryan swap, although the finer details were never made public and Ozil stayed because the expected flood of offers were not forthcoming.

The German also remained because Arsenal had to save face, avoiding the departure of two star players.



The club may make all this look pretty but the fact is that it has been a succession of poorly managed situations bordering incompetence.



Let’s stop kidding ourselves, the transition period of the new structure has been a monumental cock up of Herculean proportions.

In 2017/18 Arsenal had a turnover of £422.8m with a pre tax profit of £44 million, so where’s all the money going ? 





Let’s start by investing and challenging for honours, instead of using the economic excuse book and various other bullshit obstacles as to why things remain static and non progressive.

Talk of transfer fees in the region of £65 to £90 million are flights of fancy when you look at the current state of the club and unless Arsenal’s head of football Raul Sanllehi, has got an ace up his sleeve or Sven Mislintat has unearthed a couple of relatively cheap but skilful bargains,  we are up the creek without a paddle and don’t deserve the desirable forth place slot. 



Like others, I’m sick and tired of the lies and subterfuge but rest assured, the average fan, from an Arsenal perspective, is just a means to an end.

A captive participant who has bought into a ‘franchise’ and will be relieved of any surplus funds they have at their disposal including Super leagues and any other extortionate projects.



Perhaps Wenger should have stayed and Kroenke should have gone.





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