Arsenal’s neighbours face an uncertain future after costly Stadium build.

Spurs have recently become the media’s favourites over recent seasons during a spell where there was an apparent assumption that a shift of power in North London had taken place.

Mauricio Pochettino had fashioned a squad that had attracted rave reviews for its style of play and in the process, he established a young, vibrant team that many thought would challenge for the premier league title this year.

The development of the squad had almost indicated that this would be their defining season but football enjoys disproving theories by bursting pundits bubbles, while the bookmakers bank the misplaced cash.

Here we are, with the season in it’s final stages and Spurs struggling to hold off the pack chasing for third and forth place.

They have acquitted themselves well up to now in the Champions league but they face Manchester City next in the quarter final.

There are growing concerns that Spurs are heading down a route that prevented Arsenal from challenging for any major honours for 10 years and which is still impacting on the club today.

In 2006, Arsenal opened the doors to its new stadium at a cost of £390 million and the club subsequently faced huge repayments on a series of loans.

The repercussions of which saw them sell off major playing assets to rivals and dented their ability to produce on the pitch.

When Spurs first looked at the construction of a new stadium, the initial figures were said to be £400m, that increased £750m and escalated to £850m but the final cost is expected to be in excess of £1 billion.

It’s been a project besieged by problems, oversights and incompetence and the fact that the figure has risen so drastically means that the club is now saddled with a phenomenal debt with no easy way to make the loan payments.

Even if they scooped every domestic and European honour for the next two years, it wouldn’t be enough to scratch the surface of the stadiums final figure and their existing outgoings.

Although Spurs are making confident and enthusiastic noises, there is a danger that they may have to sell off the Family jewels to make good on their commitments.

In fact, it’s almost inevitable that Harry Kane, Dele Alli or Son Heung-min may have to be sacrificed to keep the club in the black and within a season, we will see what damage this massive outlay has on their ability to compete at the highest level.

For Arsenal fans, it’s deliciously ironic situation, where their rivals, who once mocked them for their financial predicament face a similar situation. 

In fact it appears that Spurs have already begun to reduce the scale of their ambition with their manager claiming that it could take a decade to deliver success.

This all felt somewhat familiar to Arsenal fans who heard Wenger bleat on about the age of his team and that they would be ready next season .

That became a mantra that was heard every season, until fans realised that it was a tune that everyone had grown tired of hearing. 

With the teams finances reduced drastically,Wenger’s powers began to ebb away and his reputation as an innovative and successful coach was damaged irreparably.

That fact that he managed to keep Arsenal in contention for so long,  in both the premiership and the champions league deserves the utmost respect.

It now remains to be seen how Pochettino’s Spurs cope with the burden of debt and how the club finds other opportunities to repay the considerable expense.

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