Banega Tweet ramps up the optimism for a January transfer move.







Ever Banega is expressing his desire to leave Sevilla and join up with Unai Emery according a number of sources.

As soon as Emery arrived at the Emirates, Banega was a name that began to appear in the sports pages, because of the successful relationship at the Spanish club.

It’s widely recognised that the current Arsenal boss got the very best out of the Argentine international and that the creative midfielder has a lot of respect for his former boss.




Two names are currently doing the rounds, Banega and Fakir but as I said in an earlier blog, both names are hardly new to the transfer rumours merry-go-round.

However, Argentinian journalist Roberto Martinez has intimated that the 30-year-old is desperate to play in the Premiership under his former manager.

“Ever Banega, close to leaving Sevilla to go to Arsenal by express request of Unai Emery, the coach who always extracted the best of him as a player,”

Martinez tweeted


“ Don’t mind if I do Boss !” Banega is apparently keen to join Emery at the Emirates.




It’s even rumoured that Emery has even called Banega and that the Argentine is excited at a move to the Premier league. He views the transfer as the last of his career and a challenge he can’t ignore.




So what’s the attraction ? Why does Emery trust Banega and what can he possibly offer Arsenal ?

Well, Banega is an imaginative midfielder that produces sublime passes at key moments to squeeze the opposition and open up the defence.  




He will be seen as an upgrade to Aaron Ramsey, arguably because of his consistent penetration in the final third and also because of his intense work ethic. 

He tends to play safe in his own half until he finds the killer gap or pass and it will be good to see the link up between Torreira and Banega, both who can turn any defensive situation into devastating attack.



Emery knows all about Banega and it’s safe to say that that’s the main attraction here.

The Spaniard has seen a flaw in the current team that can’t be filled by existing players and to advance Arsenal’s cause, Banega is the ideal fit, whilst the emerging academy players develop for the next few years. 



The £18 million midfielder has had a successful partnership with Emery, firstly he joined him at Valencia (2008-2012) and then at Sevilla (2014-2016) where he won the Europa League.



So, it’s clear that Banega is Emery’s go to guy when he has a malfunctioning midfield.

We will have to wait and see but for the money, the deal is more probable than most appearing in the back pages of the papers.




The deal is more than just a hopeful punt and the same is true of Nabil Fakir who apparently is in constant contact with Alexandre Lacazette.

Not long now and the transfer light will go on, it’s just a question of funds and behind the scenes politics, which is never straight forward.





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