I thought was an interesting idea to look at the ups and downs in the life of a new manager and review their overall performance by way of a points system. (1 to 10) It’s recognised that the arrival of a new manager can, in many cases, have an immediate and positive impact. However that can be short lived in some respects and the expectations suddenly melt away as reality kicks in. Manchester United were in free fall under Jose Mourinho, with the usual tensions and dramas that come with the third year of ‘The special ones’ tenure. It was a complete surprise that the clubRead More →

It’s been the biggest gripe of Arsenal fans since he came to the club back in 2008 and it’s got worse since it was revealed that Arsenal had no cash for transfer funds in the January transfer window. It’s high time that invisible Stan Kroenke showed the club some love and stumped up the necessary cash to make Arsenal title contenders. There are some out there that will inform me that the restrictions are part of the FFP rules,which prevent further investment at this time. There will be others that argue that Kroenke’s business model has worked previously and will do so in the future.Read More →

After the flurry of activity to secure the services of Denis Suarez, which included protracted negotiations, break downs in discussion and contract extensions. Arsenal coach Unai Emery, appeared to be all smiles. He’d got his man, someone he knew well and someone that he felt that could add quality to the squad at a time when Arsenal’s pot had gone missing, leaving them with nowhere to take a piss. Financially behind the curve, Arsenal looked as if they secured a reasonable deal, even if Barcelona had squeezed Suarez into adding another year and managed to extract a cool £2 million for the remaining season withRead More →

Spurs have recently become the media’s favourites over recent seasons during a spell where there was an apparent assumption that a shift of power in North London had taken place. Mauricio Pochettino had fashioned a squad that had attracted rave reviews for its style of play and in the process, he established a young, vibrant team that many thought would challenge for the premier league title this year. The development of the squad had almost indicated that this would be their defining season but football enjoys disproving theories by bursting pundits bubbles, while the bookmakers bank the misplaced cash. Here we are, with the seasonRead More →

The continuous blah blah about Arsenal’s defensive issues, have been a regular feature of many a blog, commentary, podcast and pundits analysis. In regards of the latter, we see circles around players who deemed as the culprits and arrows indicating where they should have been, instead of where they were. Each blunder is played and replayed over and over again questioning the positioning, awareness and anticipation of some poor bugger but it’s been a recurring factor of Arsenal’s failure over several seasons. Of course everyone has been aware of the gunners defensive incompetence and deficiencies but you need to stand back to look at itRead More →

Mislintat left because he wasn’t offered the role, Monchi turned it down in favour of Sevilla and Overmars wanted to stay put and take his chances with Ajax. The role as Arsenal’s technical Director of football is becoming something of a poison chalice, with the North London club now looking at the second pool of candidates. It appears that all the first choices have decided that Arsenal are too big a gamble whilst in a transitional phase, and that may say something about the Gunners current standing in the big scheme of things. It’s all undeniably embarrassing but who in their right mind wants toRead More →

Fans barely got time to get to their seats, look at their programmes and absorb any sort of atmosphere, before Arsenal set about overturning Rennes 3-1 advantage from the first leg. Ainsley Maitland-Niles picked up where he left off against Manchester United by showing good form and fizzing down the right, with about 4 minutes into the game . He confidently took on a Rennes defender, before squaring the ball to a rampaging Aaron Ramsey. The Welshman prodded the ball to Aubameyang and from about three yards out, the Gabonese striker made no mistake. Arsenal had come out of the blocks with a quick, slickRead More →

Emery will need to bring all his European experience and make it count tonight against Rennes at the Emirates. It doesn’t come any simpler, Arsenal need to win by at least two goals without conceding. Conceding goals remains the biggest concern but let’s look at the last two premiership games before we start looking for the life boats. Arsenal demonstrated a great work ethic and displayed phenomenal desire in both matches against Spurs and Manchester United and one could argue, had it not been for the dubious penalty scored by Harry Kane, the gunners would have two clean sheets behind them. Not bad for aRead More →

Oh dear, the facade of Ole Gunnar Solskjær has crumbled after the 2-0 away defeat to Arsenal at the weekend. The smile that he promised in the aftermath of the PSG game, seems to have disappeared along with his humility, objectivity and generosity. The defeat to Arsenal will have hurt, because of the intense rivalry of the two clubs over the years, something Solskjaer remembers well but surely he didn’t imagine that there was a drastic quality gap between the teams. Did he get carried away by the  praise from the fawning press ? Did he think that United’s problems could all be solved byRead More →