Concerns grow over Koscielny’s Achilles injury.






Laurent Koscielny was said to be progressing well after rupturing his Achilles tendon in Arsenal’s Europa League semi-final second leg defeat by Atletico Madrid last week.

However, there are concerns that at the age of 34 and with the demands of the premier league and other competitions, that Koscielny will never recover his form ever be the same player ?



It’s safe to assume that Koscielny has been suffering with an Achilles issue for some considerable time because his form had deteriorated before the injury.

He obviously would have been   assessed, treated and advised by the medical staff but problems in the Arsenal defence may have prevented any form of intervention and instead the Frenchman battled on, with his ability to compete severely hampered.






It’s at best an educated guess but looking back on his performances, one suspects that he had been suffering from an Achilles issue for about 8-12 months but the rupture finally occurred when at speed and scrambling back.



His return to action ended in disappointment when The was withdrawn from Arsenal U21s game against Portsmouth in the Checkatrade Trophy.

The official version is that he was suffering with cramp but the worry is that the Achilles is still very fragile.



‘Achilles injuries are either chronic or acute and sometimes a combination of both. Endurance athletes tend to suffer overuse syndromes due to repetitive use and general overload, and speed and power athletes are prone to tears from jumping and cutting rapidly.’



Exactly the type of thing a defender would do.



‘Too much too soon, sudden changes in training, and other volume and intensity errors are common culprits for injuries. Not everyone suffers injuries when workloads are too high. Theoretically, a gradual training buildup should make an athlete more resilient.’ 




Koscielny’s age may also be significant in the recovery process and let’s remind ourselves that Santi Cazorla never wore an Arsenal shirt again after recommendations were made to the Arsenal management by the medical team.





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