Emery and Mislintat:- A conflict in the making.




Despite all the positive noises and assurances that the Arsenal coach, Unai Emery and Head of recruitment were had a good relationship, it’s fair to say that as coach, you would want the last say on incoming players.

It’s also fair to say, that someone of Sven Mislintat’s stature, is judged by the quality of incoming personnel and here lies the basis of this hypothesis.

The process and final say, were bound to become a bone of contention at some point and the fractious goings on in the Arsenal boardroom with zero finances, obviously left Mislintat with a job with no purpose.

Mislintat’s reputation is for finding emerging talent which is then developed into highly sought after and highly regarded players. 

Emery preferred experience to bolster a weak and ailing side that has been in decline for a decade.

The swords of both men, were bound to cross at some stage and it appears that the Spaniard was backed to the hilt in this regard. 

At the end of the day, the success or failure of a side rest with the coach and Emery, despite his obliging and convivial appearance, is made of strong stuff.

The stuff of a single-minded coach, that knows what he wants and will move heaven and earth to get it. 

Mislintat is similar in that respect, he hasn’t acquired his reputation as a recruitment god for nothing and his list of finds is second to none.

The German is uncompromising and this led to a dust-up with then Borussia Dortmund, coach Thomas Tuchel and ended in Mislintat’s training ground ban.

The pair clashed over over the transfer of Atletico Madrid midfielder Oliver Torres.

Mislintat wanted a replacement for Ilkay Gundogan, who was set for a move away in 2016 but Tuchel had other ideas.

The decline in that relationship accelerated and lead to Mislintat leaving for Arsenal and eventually saw Tuchel eventually head to PSG.

Speaking of the friction between the pair, Mislintat told Kicker 

“It was not without a reason the row between Tuchel and me started over Atletico Madrid’s Oliver Torres.

A fantastic possession-based footballer, whom I would have loved to sign. One of the best No. 8s when it comes to passing. He’s also excellent in positioning. He would have been the perfect replacement for Ilkay Gundogan.”

It would appear that this situation was to repeat itself at the Emirates, not just with Emery big with the Arsenal hierarchy.

The lack of funds and introduction of a technical director were also a source of tension.

Mislintat is said to have felt that the position should have been offered to him but instead, Arsenal looked at other candidates.                               We can safely assume that was the last straw.

Mislintat leaves within days but he has given Arsenal a number of fine additions and he has probably handed over his list of affordable targets to his paymasters.

As regrettable as his departure is, Arsenal will replace him and move forward. 





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