Emery denies Arsenal decline under Arsene Wenger.




No doubt Unai Emery now knows if he didn’t before, the phrase “lost in translation”

because his comments about the changes he has made have been completely taken out of context.

Welcome to the World of the media.





His English is coming on at a pace but perhaps he should have been warned about the press vultures with lean pickings after the International break.

This made him scramble backwards in a desperate attempt to set the record straight and end any possible rift with pro Wenger fans.



According to Sky Sports (typical) 

Emery praised Wenger’s achievements at Arsenal but says a loss of a “defensive structure” was the reason behind the club’s struggles in his later years at the helm.

He wouldn’t be entirely wide of the mark on that point in particular.

It went on to report that the Spaniard had met the Frenchman once 



“I respect him a lot, but no matter how much info he gave me, I had to change things,” 



Emery told Marca.



“I told the players: ‘We started at kilometre zero’. Even now, four months later, I still say it: ‘We are in the beginning!’.



When confronted with the quotes, one journalist asked if things had continued , would it have got worse for Arsenal.

Emery peeled off for a quick translation and returned to say



“ That’s not what I meant 

“I (was) thinking I need to change something but above all it is my characteristic and personality as a coach. I change things normally. I give the players my energy and my experiences as a player.”



The press obviously sensed a story and in the absence of facts, replaced it with Emery’s inadvertent error. 

Will he be more careful in future ? Bet your house he will.

It’s a typical press tactic to embrace a new face with new ideas who is doing a great job under difficult circumstances and string them up where they stand.






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