Emery loan statement incenses fans.



It’s not Unai Emery’s fault but Today’s news that Arsenal will only sign players on loan during the transfer window has incensed fans.

That message was his to pass on from the Arsenal hierarchy, who sit behind grand desks in expensive suits, issuing memorandums.



With all the transfer speculation of late, fans thought there might be at least one decent signing in the pipeline but this new revelation has fuelled supporters deepest fears.

That fear was always based on Kroenke’s recent purchase of the clubs remaining shares and a subsequent collective reluctance to pledge additional funds to help their coach get a Champions league slot.






Emery must feel conned because the scale of the rebuilding job that lay ahead is daunting and if he thought his employers were going to show some financial support, he now realises that the wool has been pulled over his eyes without any hint of embarrassment.

He must feel as if he picked a Ferrari from the showroom and on driving it away, saw himself overtaken by a Honda Civic.  



Objectively, I have to say that at least we have a fine crop of youngsters to call on but we have been down this winding road so many times, there’s a sense of Groundhog Day about it.




Emery faced an eager press who were keen to assess his transfer strategy and Arsenal’s ambition and unfortunately there wasn’t much to elaborate on.



Sky sports reported that When Emery was quizzed about the transfer market, he said



“We cannot sign anyone permanently, only loan players this January.”



He bravely expanded on the matter, in optimism fashion which had the aroma of field full of male cows on laxatives.



“But I know the club is working for the possibility of players who can help us with this condition (on loan).”

He added: “The club is working, telling me each moment different situations can happen. At the moment, I haven’t got any news.”



Yeah, telling him there’s no cash available and that all his targets are out of Arsenal’s reach. 

With this in mind, why the hell let Aaron Ramsey go in the summer ! 

If we can’t afford decent players now, will that change substantially when we get our barbecue’s out.

Plan A was nothing more than a cost cutting exercise, so is plan B going to be any better ? 




We shouldn’t be surprised by this loan fiasco because we were actually told that nothing much was going to transpire in January by Raul Sanllehi, Arsenal’s head of football.

He’s in record as saying 



“I don’t believe much in the winter window.

There are exceptions, but if you have the right plan in the summer and the team are performing at the level you expect, you should not go to that window or try to avoid it.

“It’s there for emergencies, a big injury or if something is really not working and you need to recover there.”





Hello ! I think it’s a bit of an emergency.

No additional creative midfielder, holes in defence, injuries, players at the end of their careers.

Unless Aubameyang spontaneously combusts, it seems unlikely that Arsenal will act. What a farce, maybe they should rename the club ‘Farcenal’








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