Emery’s comments on Ozil sound inconclusive.


The speculation has reached epic proportions but according to Unai Emery, Mesut Ozil, still has a future at Arsenal, well, sort of.

Back spasms and tactical tweaks have sent the press into a frenzy and the speculation of his sale or involvement in a swap deal, seem to be a daily occurrence.




The press, eager for a story,  confronted the stony faced Emery. 

The Spaniard said that Ozil was an important player



“I want every player with a good mentality to help us and give us their characteristics and quality,” 



Emery added



“We need Mesut Ozil.



Then pushed if he had a future at Arsenal

Emery paused for what seemed like an eternity before saying 



“Yes, why not?”



Why not ? What’s that about ? How about ‘absolutely’, Emery has just added to the speculation by being non committal. 

This was far from the ringing endorsement fans expected and it fell way short of showing support for the maligned player.




I’m not sure what to make of the Spaniards comments because he said something similar about Aaron Ramsey and we all know how that ended up.




Emery was subjected to the star mentality at PSG and it’s well documented that he is more team orientated, rather than focusing on the individual.

It remains to be seen, if this is just a glitch or Ozil never really had a place in Emery’s plans.



If Emery really has no faith in the German midfield wizard, he has the unenviable of finding s replacement for both Ramsey and Ozil and for the money Arsenal are prepared to spend, that will be difficult. 

Ozil is an immensely gifted player and as such, the team could be built around him to allow his talents to flourish and the problem is as simple as that.



Many question his desire and ability to dig deep but the other side of his game, when facilitated by those around him, brings a wealth of riches.

The stunning vision, the deft touches, the ability to carve open a defence and rise above the average is astonishing.

For those that think he is a luxury or a burden, they will surely miss that magnificent skill once it’s no longer there.



He is frustrating at times because we all know what he is capable of but there are ten other players around him and if they could play to the same standard or tune into the same wave length, Arsenal would be irresistible.

There are no comparisons but at lease Arsenal’s most famous number 10, Dennis Bergkamp, had a host of willing partners to show off his talent with the likes of Henry, Pires and Ljungberg.


Is Ozil the new Bergkamp.


To date, Ozil’s best partnership has been with Alexis Sanchez and it goes to show that the Chilean has struggled as much as the German without the service he provides.




Trial by media is becoming the norm for Ozil, yet Lacazette and Aubameyang, who are without question, World class, have failed to find the net in crucial games but they aren’t subjected to such negativity  on social media.

I’ve got a feeling that at the close of this season, we will know if the media were right about rifts and rows or that they were completely mistaken and that it was a mixture of injury and tactical changes for the good of the team.




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