Evans above, Lichsteiner’s defending isn’t good.



It’s clear to anyone with a pair of eyes and that has watched football for more that 15 minutes, that Stephan Lichsteiner, is showing signs that even on a free, he’s not up to the rigours of the premier league .          Not only that, he bares an uncanny likeness to comedian Lee Evans.

I’m trying to find a reason why that’s important but I’m struggling.      Maybe I can work it in by saying his recent performances have been bordering comical. 

Lichsteiner’s last few appearances in an Arsenal shirt, have shown limitations and weakness that weren’t obvious in this Swiss internationals World Cup outings, where he looked assured and every inch a decent acquisition.

Lack of games or confidence may be a contributing factor of course, but I fear that at his age (35) the pace of the premiership looks to be beyond him.

There’s a sense amongst the Emirates faithful that Lichsteiner, may be on borrowed time, unless his performances improve dramatically.

Against City, the threat posed down the right side was plain to see and although he could do nothing about Iwobi’s inept attempt at a nutmeg for the first goal, the premier league leaders enjoyed his presence immensely.

Having said that, apart from Leno and Guendouzi,  there were no medals for the Arsenal players for their contribution, and even the much heralded Diamond Dick substitutions failed to raise the performance.

Emery needs time but Lichsteiner doesn’t appear to have that luxury and the fans, rightly or wrongly singled him out in their droves. 

Twitter was awash with negative comments concerning the right back who is reported to be on £90,000 a week and that fact, not even Lee Evans could make a joke out of.

A tenuous link but I got there in the end.




Lichsteiner on the red carpet with a walking aid.

Bellerin’s injury has posed a problem for Emery but it’s the general consensus that Arsenal’s forgotten man, Carl Jenkinson would be the better option.

Lord knows, the defensive crisis that Arsenal normally suffer in a season has become worse than ever and as a result, the gunners ambitions of a 4th place finish is now in damaged of disappearing altogether.

In terms of injuries, Arsenal players lost a collective 798 days of football in the 2017/18 season.

Key injuries at crucial stages of the season have seen Arsenal our out a make shift defence on numerous occasions and the backline has all the stability of a blancmange on the back of a speeding motorbike.

Hence a dependence on players having to rely on an assortment of players in unfamiliar positions or fringe/cover personnel.

Lichsteiner was seen as experienced cover for Bellerin but it hasn’t exactly worked out for him or the club.

The trouble is, that at this stage of the season and with the barebones of a defence, unless Emery is intending to include a few promising youngsters, he is stuck with what he already has at his disposal.            Evan’ help us ! 










  1. Funny but true. Only expected to be a mentor and fill up for a small number of games from the beginning.

    1. Author

      Thanks Glen, he’s a shambles isn’t he. An emergency only defender. Hope you are well, thanks for reading.

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