Gazidis:- up to his old tricks again as the Dark Lord of football.







Somethings simply don’t change, the colour of postboxes, the regular arrival of tax self assessment forms, British people’s obsession with the weather and so on and so forth. 

Well, it appears that we can now add Ivan Gazidis to that inexhaustible list.

The former Arsenal CEO, now in the same role at AC Milan has been in the job roughly three months and has locked horns with Paolo Maldini, a Milan favourite, who just happens to be the clubs sporting director at the San Siro.



Maldini, apparently wanted to explore the possibility of taking Mesut Ozil on loan from Arsenal but that has been blocked by the dark lord himself, who wants the focus to be on youth development and much younger targets.



The Dark Lord is now exerting the Force at AC Milan.




Maldini was desperate to support the Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso with the addition of experienced and seasoned professionals to reinforce in key areas and add stability but the devil in a pinstripe suit has ended that particular train of thought with his usual aplomb.



Many Arsenal fans are pointing the finger at Gazidis, whom it’s felt was responsible for the mismanagement of the club along with owner Stan Kroenke and it appears that although his surroundings have changed, his belligerent attitude remains.

Gazidis clashed with former manager, Arsene Wenger, on numerous occasions and it’s said that the pair were hardly speaking towards the end of their association.



That was before Gazidis managed to unofficially sack him to restructure the club how he had always wanted and furthered his ambition to be the new David Dein, something he could never achieve. 

He had all he wanted, he was now seen as the main main at the Emirates, talking to the press, shaping the future but with his feet under the table, he suddenly announced he was going to AC Milan.

One suspects having served his employers wishes on a plate, he was made aware of Kroenke’s plan to instal his son  in a key role and that Gazidis would have to move on.



It seems that the dark lord causes friction where ever he stomps off to with his bean counters attitude and it’s not the first sign of conflict since the move, according to Tuttosport there were 



“reports that the relationship between Leonardo and Ivan Gazidis is deteriorating because of a few transfer choices made by the former Arsenal director.

AC Milan had tried to sign both Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cesc Fabregas but according to the Turin-based paper, Gazidis stopped the signing of the duo causing Leonardo’s anger.”



He’s at it again ! Causing chaos, revelling in the carnage, he can’t resist it but his skill is making money and increasing revenue, even if no one knows where the proceeds went. 

A reference to Arsenal’s cash flow issues, even with them being the sixth richest club in the World.



So, that is his best protection from the inevitable bullets that will be coming his way with the type of adjustments and changes he is there to make.

Don’t start going on about FFP in response to this blog  because I don’t care !!






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