Growing concerns over Emery/Ozil relationship.



I will have a lot less respect for Unai Emery, if it turns out that Mesut Ozil is to leave this summer. 

Some reports say that the Arsenal coach is trying to offload the German this transfer window but if that happens, I will be amazed in the timeframe available.



My immediste thought about this unholy mess, is that Arsenal have already lost Ramsey and to consider Ozil’s exit is tantamount to professional suicide for a club with no resources.

I can’t see the big plan or bigger picture or who they have in mind to replace the only inventive player they possess.



Yes, he doesn’t produce his magic every week but he has to soldier on alone in that department, because everyone else is below that standard in terms of creativity.

Arsenal have lost the glorious talents of Cazorla and Wilshere, without either being replaced and you could also add Sanchez to the list. 




In a season that is fast descending into chaos, it’s hard to see what the club’s current aims are or where it’s heading.

Fans are becoming confused by the mixed messages emanating from the Emirates concerning the midfielder and the plot appears ever more murky with each omission.



Injury to his back and knee, then a cold, followed by tactical withdrawals, all now look as if, there is s bigger problem than anyone imagined.

At first, I thought it was reasonably plausible but after the submission to West Ham, where the performance was poor, his exclusion just seems plain daft.





Such was Arsenal’s inability to form a link from the back line to the front and the obvious creative deficiencies in the middle, that it was hard to agree with the Spaniard.

I’m not vindicating Emery leaves or anything so ridiculous, the man needs time but I am worried that the relationship between player and coach has disintegrated and that only harms the team.

Emery was matter of fact and dismissive about Ozil’s day off when he said 



Like I said to you, we’ve won and lost with him. Today the players who were here are the players who deserved to be in this match.



That comment was simply the stuff of nonsense.

A player of his ability should be up for the key games in a season and if fit should play, even if it were to justify his salary.

Cash poor but apparently with enough to pay Ozil’s significant weekly bundle, I’m starting to wonder if insanity has taken hold.





Ian Wright has his say on MOTD


“It’s really worrying, I know Unai Emery has had his problems with big players in the dressing room before and it seems like Ozil in this dressing room is the one he’s taking it out on.”

“For Ozil not to be in the 18, whatever’s going on with him, I can’t get my head round that. I think he should be given the opportunity to play himself into form or out of form. We cannot afford to have arguably the highest paid player in Arsenal’s history not even in the 18.”


He went on


“After 60,70 minutes, we didn’t create anything. I don’t think Arsenal are in a position where we can leave Mesut Ozil out of the 18.”






Emery has had issues with high profile players in the past at PSG but ignore that for a moment, this is becoming similar to the Mourinho/Pogba situation, except it’s less public.

Emery’s problems with Neymar at PSG have been well documented

He said 



‘I am of the opinion that PSG’s leader is Neymar. Or that he is currently becoming it. Neymar came to PSG to be the leader, to go through this process to someday become the best in the world. At Manchester City, Pep is in charge. At PSG, Neymar has to be.’



Emery had a training ground bust up with the Brazilian and it’s rumoured that the Spaniard has also had a few bust ups with Ozil.

Whatever the truth, Ozil is much needed in the Arsenal side, more now than ever. He has to produce but has to feel wanted and trusted.


With United level in points with the gunners, they are in desperate need of some magic. 

In the fight for that 4th slot, enter Ozil or Exit Arsenal.





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