Kroenke needs to free up the cash and start loving Arsenal.

It’s been the biggest gripe of Arsenal fans since he came to the club back in 2008 and it’s got worse since it was revealed that Arsenal had no cash for transfer funds in the January transfer window. It’s high time that invisible Stan Kroenke showed the club some love and stumped up the necessary cash to make Arsenal title contenders.

There are some out there that will inform me that the restrictions are part of the FFP rules,which prevent further investment at this time.

There will be others that argue that Kroenke’s business model has worked previously and will do so in the future.

No doubt I’ll be reminded that  that the club spent heavily in previous transfer windows 

and that Kroenke has already shown commitment to the club by buying out Alisher Usmanov, which to be frank, no self respecting gooner gives a shit about.

The situation is what it is at present and nothing in particular will change in a hurry but aside from the cash Kroenke needs to show some love for the club and prove his worth to its supporters.

He may see Arsenal as a commodity or a brand but for millions around the world, Arsenal, in historical terms, is every bit as important as a Real Madrid or Manchester United.

The passion and devotion afforded the club by its paying fans is the envy of many all over the world.

It has a support network that is second to none with more podcasts and blog sites than any other club.

These outlets are thought to be the best in the country for their quality and presentation, all of which stems from a love of the club.

This is something Kroenke who has never displayed in any of his compulsory annual visits to the Emirates.

So his unpopularity isn’t purely down to lack of cash, it’s also based on his decision to invest his time, money and efforts in his American sports ventures.

Arsenal are playing second fiddle to a fucked up game of rugby that has a global audience which is less than women’s football or cricket and that’s not in anyway a sexist comment, it’s the simple truth. 

Kroenke is also despised for his tendency to hide in a crisis such as during the ongoing contract fiasco, Wenger’s sacking and Emery’s ‘zero cash’ press conference.

He wasn’t seen nor heard during any those events and left everyone else to pop their head out of the trenches to take the flak. 

The guy may have money but he lacks a serious fucking backbone.

Some may say that today’s owners are less visible and that they have others in place to run the day to day affairs of the club.That’s fine for others but not for Arsenal.

Roman Abramovich has invested millions in Chelsea but he is widely recognised as a hands on operator.

Some will object to his methods but he attends games frequently and genuinely seems to care about the club and sustaining it’s success.

It’s said that the Russian billionaire had the opportunity to buy Arsenal but was advised to look elsewhere.

That news might disappoint Arsenal fans but they need to console themselves that even with unlimited resources, Chelsea have never found or  played the type of stylish football that Arsenal exhibited in the Wenger years.

Even when the stadium debts crippled the club, Arsenal still played a brand of football which was admired around the world.

Yet with this in mind,  Kroenke has failed to appreciate or connect with the club at any level and it’s no wonder that fans continue to demand he exits the club at the earliest opportunity.

If he can’t find it within himself to show some pride and passion for the Arsenal, perhaps he should fuck off and hand it over to Aliko Dangote, whom it’s reported will make a bid for the club in 2020.

The African business man is worth a reported £10.6 billion and he is someone who loves and follows the club.

We shall see what transpires but I’d be quite happy if it any move prompted Kroenke to hand over Arsenal to a new owner or to his son Josh, who at least looks and sounds like he cares about the club. 


  1. God save the Gunners, because Kroenke certainly won’t!

    1. Author

      I don’t think so either Glenn unfortunately.

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