Malcom move threatens Suarez transfer to Arsenal.






Unconfirmed reports suggest that Barcelona’s Malcom has been approached regarding a lucrative transfer from the Nou Camp and that if that happens, despite an agreement in theory with Arsenal, Denis Suarez will not be going anywhere.



It’s just another obstacle in what has proved to be an almost impossible deal to nudge across the line.

Arsenal have worked tirelessly to take the loan and agreed an obligation to buy clause directly after but Barcelona have been completely ruthless in negotiations, safe in the knowledge that Arsenal have no leverage and have made Suarez their top target. 



They have also insisted on an upfront payment of £1.7 million before they agree to let the player leave and for cash strapped Arsenal, it has altered the landscape significantly. 

It is still believed the transfer could go ahead but this new twist could scupper the deal, with Spurs apparently showing tangible interest in the 21 year old winger.



How ironic, if true because Malcom was also thought to be on Arsenal’s radar last summer.





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