Mata on the move in cutback transfer window ?




New and fresh rumours have emerged regarding Unai Emery’s interest in Juan Mata (30) who is available on a free at the end of the season. 

It has been mentioned before , on a slow news week but my big question is where will he go ? Is he cover ? Is he a replacement ?

If he is a replacement for Ramsey, then he isn’t of the same quality. If it’s for Ozil, it’s like swapping your prize winning conker for a piece of partially chewed gum, in a folded up serviette.



Mata is a decent player, a worker, a good distributor of the ball and on occasion a good finisher but compared to the aforementioned, he doesn’t compare.

I don’t even have to call the company fronted by Russian speaking meerkat’s to know that.



I think that Mata’s name has surfaced again, purely because of his association with Unai Emery at Valencia and because Arsenal have an empty wallet. 

Are Arsenal becoming the cast off club ? With Emery going around with a barrow, Ala Monty Python in the Holy Grail, screaming out ‘bring out your dead !’





Well, it’s looking that way but hopefully the summer will give us an incite into the future and any reveal any plans for reinvestment.



As for this story, when he’s outside the Emirates clutching an Arsenal shirt, I’ll believe it.




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