Rumours by Fleet-Street Hack.

Rumours was one of the biggest selling albums of the late 1970’s but I doubt anyone will be buying this latest attempt to infuriate and unsettle Arsenal supporters.

Stories have emerged in recent weeks of the return of Alexis Sanchez and a few on social media have taken a nibble from this particular line.

If Ozil is struggling to find a niche in the Arsenal team with his non verbal superstar status, imagine what Sanchez could look forward to on his return.

The Chilean is well known for his hissy fits, demands and petulant behaviour, all the  things Unai Emery dislikes intensely.

Then consider the wage and you can see that this story is as likely as Katie Price becoming a peace ambassador for the United Nations.

Sanchez earns £32.2 m per year and takes home £318,000 after the tax man has taken a sizeable chunk.

In even greater detail, that’s £45,457 per day (£1,894 per hour, £31.56 per minute, or 52p every second.

With Arsenal’s current financial issues, it seems incredibly unlikely, thank goodness.

Then, a story surfaced claiming that Paris Saint Germain are ready to table a bid in the summer for Matteo Guendouzi to the tune of £60m.

It’s obviously been a poor week for news at the Emirates, so a disruptive transfer story is an absolute must.

Emery looked as surprised as anyone and looked slightly pissed off at the prospect of another club, especially PSG, trying to run off with his emerging megastar.

Emery was quoted in the Mirror as saying “ His development (Guendouzi’s) is like we want. He has a big ambition, big quality. Sometimes we need more quality with him and for him to be more stronger in midfield.

“But his development with us is very important and he’s playing with big consistency. His quality is very impressive.”

He added 

“I am surprised (with the link). I don’t want this.”

It’s thought that within a few seasons, Guendouzi could not only be pivotal to Arsenal but that he could also assume the Captains armband.

With that in mind and an initial transfer fee of £7m from Lorient in the summer, it’s almost bordering insanity to think that Arsenal would part with such a talent.

Guendouzi has already been at PSG as a six year old and it didn’t work out for him then.

Footballers have long memories and I don’t really think that he’ll want to relive any part of that particular history in a hurry. 

Plus PSG are thought to be one of the teams likely to win the Champions league this term.

Would Guendouzi feature regularly or just warm the bench ?

Finally, it’s been alleged in The Daily Star, that Emery wants to off load Aubameyang and Lacazette because they are not his type of striker.

Where did this startling story come from ? Talk Sport of course, well known for its piss water theories and verbal testicles.

According to Tony Cascarino, the Spaniard is not happy with his striker options.

“I’m not sure about people like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, his goal record is fantastic, sensational at doing what he does, getting goals,” 

He waffled on 

“Lacazette will get goals but I’m not sure they are the type of forwards Unai Emery will want.

“He will want goalscorers plus guys that work. Whether they’ve got the funds to do that, that is another thing.

“There’s a number of Arsenal players who know their future, long-term, isn’t going to at the club if Unai Emery is the manager.”

If Emery can provide suitable service for both next season, he could have the top two strikers in the Premiership.

We’ll leave it there, I’m starting to get slightly ruffled !



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