Suarez Stalemate as Barcelona hold the gunners to ransom.






Let’s be brutally honest here, under normal circumstances, Arsenal would have pulled out of the Denis Suarez deal last week because of Barcelona’s belligerent attitude and ever changing demands.



Both club had reached an agreement for the player on two occasions, but the deal failed to be signed off after the Catalan club added further stipulations.

If Arsenal weren’t in the financial position they currently find themselves in, they would have packed up and walked away but they are stuck with a deal 70% complete, with the player in agreement to the loan.

It’s a case of Arsenal having to stick with it or start again and so much time has been invested that it’s simply too difficult to walk away from.

Representatives of the club are still in Spain, trying to push the deal over the line and it’s now become a war of attrition.



The transfer will happen but at this rate, it could run closer towards the deadline than anyone wanted or expected.

It’s said that negotiations last week took the deal to the brink of signatures but the insistence of an upfront payment of £1.7 million plunged it into uncertainty.

This is the type of thing that happens when the seller knows the financial position of the buying club and that the target in question is the number one priority.



If arsenal played poker, they’d be broke by now and looking to remortgage the house and downgrade the Family car.

The exotic holiday may be reduced to a camping excursion and that meal at a top London restaurant might be replaced by a Big Mac.



Arsenal are in a pickle and they aren’t really helping themselves with the way they are conducting matters off the field.

If they don’t get Suarez now, it will be an unmitigated disaster and heap more embarrassment on the club.







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