The reason Aaron Ramsey is leaving Arsenal.





When all is said and done, Aaron Ramsey, just didn’t fit into Unai Emery’s plans because he simply wasn’t flexible or able to adapt.

Time are changing at Arsenal and when Emery arrived, it was said that he wanted to build a team around Ramsey, which was not the case.

Emery loves the players ability to get forward and support the attack but he was less impressed with the players ability in defence.



When you have the creativity of Ozil, Ramsey is not top of anyone’s list in that role.

When you have a defensive shield like Torreira, Ramsey is a second choice starter.

On the wings, Iwobi, Welbeck and Aubameyang would take some replacing because it’s not a role that the Welshman feels comfortable or is competent in.


It appears there were reasons Arsenal decided to withdraw the contract offer.



Xhaka’s partnership as part of a two man defensive shield with Torreira means that he can not expect to start there either.

So, Emery’s conclusion, behind closed doors, was that Ramsey was a utility player that could change things up but not a permanent fixture within the squad. 

The contract offer was promptly withdrawn. If Emery had wanted the player, he would have made it known and the deal would have been done.




Emery knows what he wants and he needs a more versatile player who isn’t going to cost £180,000 per week.

Ramsey was on a sizeable £110,000 but wanted nearer Ozil’s £300,000 yet the Spaniard knows that he could get two versatile players for less and has probably already had that discussion with Sven Mislintat.


Guendouzi is one of a number of emerging Arsenal stars with a bright future.



Guendouzi is shaping up nicely and Smith- Rowe is gaining experience, both will be invaluable to the gunners in the future but they are also able to change their game because they are at an age where it is easier to do so.




Tom Kershaw of the Independent made a valid point whilst observing Smith-Rowe and Ramsey.



“It’s in these roles, across the centre of the pitch, where Smith Rowe’s best talents can flourish. Where he can seize the ball on a regular basis, drift from wing-to-wing and box-to-box – little jink here, little layoff there – and where senior staff at Arsenal see his future.

It was the same role envisaged for Ramsey when he joined the club and the first-team in 2018 as a fresh-faced 18-year-old. Yet, the Welshman would never quite cement a defining role, unsettled by stints on the left wing, frustrated at being trapped in the deep-end of midfield” 



None of this makes Ramsey a bad player, he has been phenomenal for Arsenal and at one stage was the go to guy for goals and inspiration but perhaps with the change of personnel and direction within the team, Ramsey became surplus to requirements without us realising it.


He could have been in the same bracket as Frank Lampard for Chelsea but his goal return is not as prolific for the gunners. In 240+ appearances he has only delivered 37 goals. Lampard netted 211 times in all competitions in a 13 year period.





Suggestions indicating a move to Italy may not be wide of the mark.He may reinvent himself and achieve the success he deserves.

Out of the other top five clubs, only Chelsea could potentially use his talents but they have a wealth of options at their disposal already and it’s hard to see who to dispense with.


Well deserved goal of the month award. Moments after he came on to the pitch against Fulham, he scored the team goal of the season.



Liverpool have enough in reserve, Spurs are not buying for the foreseeable future, City have no interest and United are still reeling from their last dip in the Arsenal talent trough.

They thought they’d struck gold but found that Sanchez was only gold plated. 



So a move abroad appears logical, to Spain or Italy and it would be preferred to a berth in any club below his level.

Of course there will be a lot of clubs interested but many of those will not be suitable or attractive to a player who has so much to offer and so much left to achieve.



I wish him well, it’s a shame to lose him but I totally understand why both parties are going their own way.









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