The truth about Ozil finally comes out from a reliable source.






Mesut Ozil divides opinion amongst Arsenal supporters like no other player that has donned the red and white shirt. 

He has his die hard fans, that hang on his every sublime touch and wait to revel in his artistry.

Then there are those that say his lazy, lacks passion and desire and has fallen out of love with football.



The most important thing at present, is what does Unai Emery think ?

To the majority, it would appear that the Spaniard is exasperated and frustrated with the German midfielder, due to a series of omissions that have ranged from knee and back injuries, to a cold.



Then, on other occasions, Emery claimed the withdrawal was tactical and for a while, he was given the benefit of the doubt but the exclusion at West Ham, set alarm bells ringing and it’s noticeable that his press conferences are vague in terms of the player.

There are no positive, endorsements or the appearance of salivating over his talent. It’s all very shrugged shoulders and matter of fact, with the insistence that he is like any other player and his form fluctuates.

Form fluctuates ? For that to happen, surely he has to be in the team first !



Look, I’m not beating Emery up here, I’d just like him to act decisively and if he doesn’t fancy the player, then get rid.

If he does, then play him and get the best out of him for God’s sake.

It appears that even if Ozil handed over to Emery, the keys to his luxury car, he still wouldn’t get a game.






Up until the West Ham game, Ozil’s omission and an abject defeat, the lid was still in this pot of festering resentment and complex lies but after that, we all got a bit wiser and a little bit angrier for various reasons.

Arsenal created little to test West Ham and lacked creativity and that was essentially because that element of Arsenal’s game was snuggled up in the sofa with his girlfriend, after not even meriting a place in the bench.

This standoff is costing a fortune and someone needs to bang some heads together, sharpish. 



“ Then, you just go through the doors on the left and just keep going “



Then out of the blue, David Ornstien, seen as a reliable source with his Arsenal connections revealed via arseblog 




“Unai Emery has suggested to Mesut Ozil that it would be best for him to leave the club. And the hierarchy of the club feels that they would like him to move on.”




“I think that’s mainly financially driven for a player earning £350,000 per week but also related to that is the fact he is not performing anywhere near the level when he has played on a consistent basis as we know he can produce from the past.”




But the midfielder wants to stay and unless Arsenal find a club that Ozil likes and are willing to sell their granny to finance his wages, it’s likely he will remain at the Emirates.


Ornstein is known to have contacts within The Emirates.



Ornstein also spoke of another factor 



“The word was he wasn’t doing a lot of the extra work most players were, and he is now. I’ve heard positive things about his behaviour, his commitment, his relationships with the teammates.



“I don’t think that’s ever been a problem, but he’s clearly out of favour with the manager and that’s a very expensive problem for the club to have.”



Emery has s problem with high profile players but at this stage of the season and so much at stake, he may just have to get over it and bite the bullet for the sake of the club.

Let’s be blatantly honest here, Arsenal couldn’t buy a second hand burger off a gang of flies at the moment and keeping your most expensive and creative asset on the couch isn’t viable.

I don’t care who’s at fault, I care about my team and my club.



The steady stream of the revenue that Arsenal enjoy is generated by fans in the form of tickets and merchandising or fees to Sky Sports, that get ground up and farmed back to them.

Everyone would do well to remember that.





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