Time for Arsenal fans to wake up.





The sacking of Jose Mourinho and plight of Manchester United, should serve as a warning to the dissenting voices of a minority of Arsenal fans that the football landscape has changed.



You can have one of the best managers in the World at one of the most famous clubs in the World, with some of the most expensive and talented players and still fail to find success.



Mourinho is a curiously self-destructive character but this story has failures on many levels.

Yes, The Portuguese manager has displayed appalling man management skills and promoted himself instead of the club.



Yet, the board failed to keep him in check and stop him from making his ill considered statements, whilst simultaneously funding his folly to the tune of £400 million.

The players didn’t give their best performances and as the situation worsened, morale reached an all time low and the outcome became inevitable.

Perhaps players should be sacked if they don’t perform and if that were the case, the Manchester United dressing room would have a few absentees at present.




Any Arsenal fan wallowing in self-pity, need only to look at what’s happened to United to appreciate that Arsenal are still in a useful position, close to the top of the premiership without realistically being able to win it and at the time of writing this, still in all competitions.



Despite an unbeaten run of 22 matches, fans are apparently dissatisfied by the teams recent performances.

It appears patience is in short supply but teams aren’t entitled to success based purely on an illustrious history or previous successes.






Arsenal have, if anything, overachieved in Emery’s first season and fans expectations have shifted as a result, without considering the deficiencies that have been present for 5 or 6 seasons. 

Emery has squeezed what’s available but he knows that he will have to rebuild, especially at the back and with players that are currently in their last season in N5.



Let’s add some much-needed perspective for the disappointed and inconsolable few.

Imagine being a Bournemouth supporter, no disrespect intended, but they aren’t going to win the premiership, they are unlikely to get into Europe and will struggle to win The Carabao or FA Cup.



Yet, they are incredibly well supported and mindful that success is not an entitlement, it requires hard work, commitment, effort and luck.

Above all, it requires devoted fans who don’t run for cover at the first drop of rain and supporters able to rationalise performances and savour any success that comes their way.



The biggest plus, that should cause the most excitement, is Arsenal’s wealth of emerging Academy talent and in years to come, the gunners investment will be realised by the talents of Zech Medley, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Reiss Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe, Tyreece John-Jules, Joe Willock, Gedion Zelalem, Eddie Nketiah, Julio Pleguezuelo and Ben Sheaf.




The Academy is arguably the best in the Country at present and it’s players the envy of a host of managers.

Others teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United will have to rebuild as the squad gets older and City, within the next few seasons will have to rebuild or invest heavily.



Arsenal can, in theory, introduce its talented youngsters during that time to become a considerable force in the premier league, so why is there such despondency in Emery’s first season ?


As the game has changed, so have the fans. We are now in a climate of ‘instant success’ and ‘glory hunters’ who are apparently owed success for buying scarves and attending a handful of home matches. 

We are victims of a blame culture, failure has to be apportioned to one or more players or the manager.

It’s damning and in danger of getting completely out of control.




Arsenal fans need to be objective about success and realise that the current side is progressing well under the circumstances and with a new manager, but it takes time.

Juergen Klopp at Liverpool, is only now seeing the rewards for all the hard work and it took Pep Guardiola a few seasons and transfer windows, to get City in their current position.



The unpredictabilty of football continues but who could have predicted the speed of decline and disintegration of Manchester United under Mourinho.

Every week saw another disaster, another poor performance and more excuses.



If this can happen to a club of this magnitude, then it could happen in any season, to any club and any manager.

The Mourinho bubble has well and truly burst and his sacking was just a game away, that cane after a miserable showing against Liverpool and finally a Mourinho has nowhere to hide. 




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