Welbeck on his way. Arsenal call time on strikers career.



Danny Welbeck has had a chequered Arsenal career since his move from Old Trafford in 2014.

It was a surprising move at the time, one which many thought was a panic buy or one in which Wenger was trying to placate the fans in some way.



He has never quite lived up to his billing. In 133 matches he returned 31 goals, which is hardly explosive form, yet, Welbeck has become essential as a team player of late.

He netted six goals until the devastating ankle injury against Sporting Lisbon. 



If the rumour is true and Arsenal have no intention to offer the player a contract extension, it is proof, if it were needed, that the North London club are taking a very firm line in contract negotiations.

They are prepared to rid themselves of the driftwood, even under the most difficult of circumstances and this will be a major blow to the player who could be out of action for the best part of a year.




Unfortunate as this decision is, the record books show a vulnerable player that is unable to make the impact Arsenal need at the level required.

Welbeck has been absent for 577 days with knee, hip and groin injuries and it now appears that this last injury will leave him looking for a new employer once he has recovered fully.



He is, according to various sources, an extremely likeable guy but his lack of form and availability have polarised his situation.

Part of me thinks that not offering Welbeck a contract extension is a bold and reasonable decision but there is a small part of me that thinks Arsenal should at least support the player until he is recovered and able to seek employment. 






This sounds incredibly contradictory, especially as I have not exactly been a fan of Welbeck but under the circumstances, we all need to look at what’s right.






It’s no secret that I have said that he is no more than an enthusiastic utility player or an option to call on from the bench. 

He is more winger than striker, someone who needs a hundred chances to convert six goals.



His radar is not that of a gifted predator and he is someone who tends to take himself away from the goal scoring opportunities by making poor decisions. 

Having said all that, he had ironically had his most successful stint in the famous red and white shirt of Arsenal.


Had he remained fit, he would probably have been snapped up in January and been an asset as an essential part of another side but he would never have been the first choice above Aubameyang and Lacazette. 

As with Ramsey, who incidentally is more valuable as his recent performance  against Spurs suggested, it seems to have been agreed that the club let both players go.



Ramsey’s situation is of greater concern, especially with the ongoing debate concerning Ozil.

Yet, like Emery, I think, if it’s a choice between Ozil and Ramsey, then I’d stick with the German.


It’s also accepted that the team can not accommodate both. There is no such argument over Welbeck, Aubameyang and Lacazette.



I wish him well and hope he makes a full recovery. Perhaps Arsenal will make an allowance on this occasion and offer financial support but this is business and I’m not overly hopeful.





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